Our Mission

SHINE is an initiative developed and run for over five years, visiting schools in South Yorkshire, seeing thousands of young people inspired to live life better by raising their aspirations for life.

OFSTED have placed increasing importance on SMSC (Social, Moral, Spiritual and cultural) education, and SHINE offers schools the opportunity to develop this part of the curriculum in an exciting and relevant way.

SHINE addresses many key topics such as bullying, self esteem, peer pressure, relationships and decision making. It encourages young people to explore their feelings and reflect on the values they hold, with the aim that students become more aware of their own self worth and potential. We want to inspire young people to creatively look for ways in which the can make a positive difference in their home, schools and local communities.



SHINE can be tailored specifically to a school programme and run within a time frame that suits them.

We use: professional musicians, theatre groups, trained sports teams and gifted communicators.

we lead a variety of activities in school though lessons and assemblies promoting themes of ‘Respect, Community,Citizenship and Goodness’, all of which are core values of the Christian faith and also embraced by other mainline faiths. All activities help to develop a students sense of spirituality, identity and purpose.

Sessions can be run: as an enrichment group, individual day of term or during a focused SHINE week in school.